Thursday, July 2, 2009

WELCOME to Raccoon Valley's NEW Blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

Open balanced comments are welcomed. We are here to share with you, our expertise and experiences in the animal welfare industry, as we continue to strive to change the world for companion animals.

We're living proof....there IS a better way!


  1. Linda, what do you do differently from most shelters? What do you see as the major nproblem in the Industry?

  2. Gwplady,

    What a great question, thank you for the challenge.

    Shelters and rescues all across the country work hard to save lives. And most of them are functioning hand to mouth with finances. To care properly for animals in these environments is challenging because funding is so limited and most are competing against each other for what little is out there. We accepted that challenge and began a new program in 2004 to address the number of owner surrenders entering our organization filling up cages for wayward animals.

    This program has become so successful that all the local rescues (and some in other states) are now implementing it into their organizations and seeing results.

    A whopping 72% of pet owners who come to us are owner surrenders. Through our Rehabilitation/Rehome Program, we are able to keep 65% of those pet owners seeking relinquishment of their companions... their home!

    It takes alot more work, however, to do this. We have to do home visits, set up a behavior modification program, and be there as they work towards their ultimate have a balanced dog, or a happy cat!

    But we have proven, that many pet owners really don't WANT to relinquish, they just don't feel there is any other choice. We provide hope, we provide guidance and we save lives!

    I'd say that's the MAJOR difference...and we hope others follow suit.

    Thank you for asking.