Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nathan Winograd: The Truth Behind the Madness!

Here's an article by Nathan Winograd, author of Redemption, The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America, regarding Wayne Pacelle's support of Michael Vick, saying he is a reformed man. But is he?

Read the article HSUS Spokesman Michael Vick: ‘Not My Fault’ and give us your thoughts.

If you haven't read Redemption, I recommend it highly. It's an excellent perspective on how animal shelters began with compassion and how they've changed today! It's one of many articles/books that I personally read to get a better understanding of the animal welfare industry as a whole.

Another great article is: Unintended Consequences by Craig Brestrup. Excellent article on people with "good intentions".

A couple more of my favorite resources by Mr. Brestrup are:
The Killing Cure
Why No Kill

The industry is not as black and white as so many make it. There is a huge gray area in between...but whichever viewpoint you decide upon after absorbing all the new information, won't change the amount of suffering the animals are doing in our society. Perhaps these articles will some of you explain you or your organizations viewpoints and philosophy within your communities.


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