Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PEDIGRE® Adoption Drive™

There are really some powerful commericals out there right now promoting shelter dogs and rescue organizations.

But our all time favorite is the Pedigree 30 second spot called "Heroes".

It speaks not only to the heart, but from the heart of this organization as well. We're not fooled by the hidden message, "buy Pedigree", but there is no other food out there promoting shelter dogs and adoptions like Pedigree is at this time.

We are a part of this adoption drive. Here's how it works. You go to their website and "buy food" or "donate". They send us coupons for Pedigree. We cash them in (which when we do the food is free) and we add them to our "food bank" in our organization.

Our food goes to help others...those in need, to keep their pets in their home, rather than relinquishing them for lack of food and supplies.

A month's worth of collected change can feed a dog for a month. Think about the difference you can make! Take a moment, and join we help keep animals OUT of shelters and into their homes!

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