Monday, January 23, 2012

2011: Year in Review

The year 2011 is over, but not the memories of some of the wonderful things our volunteers accomplished this past year.

RVAS helped over 3,800 families keep their pets during the year 2011 through our Rehome and Rehabilitation programs. We are living proof that pet owners are capable of handling their pet situations with a little help and ingenuity!

We also helped reunite lost hundreds of pets with their owners by partnering with Iowa Pet Alert, a free web-based data network to assist pet owners reunite with their misplaced companions. While this website has really helped make connections, it doesn't replace pet owner responsibility. Microchipping is still very important should the unthinkable happen and you and your companion become separated. Keep an eye on our website for MC Clinics where you can have your pet chipped and registered for an affordable fee!

And through networking with other shelters and rescues, our social networks, website and events have helped Iowa's rural shelters and rescues adoptions increase as well. When someone contacts us for an animal that we don't have, we help them find an organization who has available what they want. Through networking, animals are finding homes, especially in rural Iowa towns that get little exposure, because RVAS has stepped outside of the box to partner with others.

We know the struggles that rural Iowa shelters and rescues have to save lives. Little support both physically and financially. There are some great people doing great things for animals, and they deserve the support of those animal lovers who want to make a difference. Visit our website for a few of our favorite partners!

And last but not least are those lives we saved. Our focus in 2011 seemed to lean towards the feline population. From trap-neuter-return projects, to rescuing kitties from a garage after their owner had passed away leaving over 20 cats homeless, we spent thousands of hours saving the lives of felines and educational seminars on the cat overpopulation problem.

Our "solution based" philosophy is working. We recognize there is no one organization that solve all the pet issues in our society, but by working together, we are making a difference!

Join us today! Either volunteer your time, your services or your money. Let's do it together, and make the world a better place for all living creatures!

Read our 2011: A Year in Review letter here.

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