Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Poem on Rehoming....

This poem was written and submitted to RVAS by a person who rescues animals and became overwhelmed with the number of "get rid of's" listed on Craig's list. We thought we would share her thoughts with our readers.

I’d live in a tent, I’d live in a car
but never oh never would I go so far
as to leave my poor doggie or my poor poor kitten to
take housing at some place where they aren’t permitted!

Forget it forget you, it will never happen!
When I took him in it was love everlasten’
Away with the idiots that move on without ‘em
Off with their heads this world can do with out them!

Think people think, not just one month or two!
Think a few years ahead where you live what you do!
Maybe baby, maybe job change maybe no job at all!
Think of all of this before you take in one so small!

Dependent they are, depending on you
and they love unconditionally as YOU should TOO
We are the species with God given brains
but instead go to craigslist and flush pets down the drains.

ADOPT, it’s for life, it’s called a commitment
if you do not “get” that then get off the planet.


  1. Interesting perspective from an individual who obviously "gets it"! My own personal wall goes up whenever I hear ... 'I have to get rid of ....'