Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It appears that another shelter is in the spotlight for their inhumane practices, but for some it isn't the shelter they are focusing on, it's the lack of integrity the reporter used in writing the report.

KWWL.com reporter Danielle Wagner wrote an article regarding the Cedar Bend Humane Society's 2012 annual Statistics. What's creating the buzz are the discrepancies with the numbers that were reported leaving the readers wondering what happened to over 6,000 animals that the shelter allegedly "handled" and more.

If you read the article you will notice that Ms. Wagner reports that Cedar Bend HS "handled" 12,000 animals annually. She then proceeds to report that 5,171 cats and dogs actually entered the shelter with no reference to what happened to the other 6,829 animals CBHS handled. She provides an intake breakdown for the 5,171 animals...twice leaving the reader to believe that over 10,000 animals were processed, when in reality she is reporting the same 5,171. Another discrepancy creating buzz is the disposition of the 5,171 cats and dogs which left 981 animals unaccounted for.

A final comment was a slap in the face to all those no kill shelters and rescues across the country with her statement implying they all turn animals away forcing places like Cedar Bend no choice but to take them all in. Many people felt her reporting was biased towards the shelter she volunteers for. And when they questioned her for clarification she came out swinging.

Unfortunately, her wayward reporting placed CBHS in the spotlight with the community questioning their practices and policies. A great blog that breaks down all the discrepancies of the article can be found here.

Many readers thinks she was biased and did not portray a balanced perspective But Ms. Wagner didn't play dead. She came out swinging and openly admits she's an avid volunteer for Cedar Bend in her own blog.

The tragedy of all of this, is that a reporter got the facts, didn't verify them or just reported them incorrectly and refuses to take any responsibility for the bad reporting and biased opinions she posted. That's an abuse of the pen and worse, lacks integrity.

Ms. Wagner claims that her writing isn't about anything but the animals, and yet they are the very thing not being talked about. Because if it was all about the animals, then she would be validating her resources and bring forth clarification to assure the public, that 6,000+ animals died....MORE than saved in Black Hawk County.

Until shelters like Cedar Bend Humane Society put programs in place that offer viable solutions other than killing to control the population inside their shelter, other animal advocates who are using these programs will continue to watch them, expose them, and fight back.

It's worth the read..and definitely worth your comments. If you don't comment, you may not make that one spark that would light the match that starts the fire of change. Think about it...one comment, one observation, could save millions of lives.

Do it! Only you can make a difference for those who can't speak.